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victory of a gift for 'de feet'

uncle mike comes through with another popular gift. your eyes don't deceive you, those are latex gloves; sorry, latex duck feet. last year it was stick horses. they're around 'somewhere'. thankfully, the boys can inflict less damage when using this particular gift inappropriately. they may even get some cleaning done by accident :o

not to leave out the other extremities, these accompany the annual gift of mittens for all the kids. though i generally toss them into the 'outdoor accessories bucket' in a heap and outfit each child in whatever gets grabbed first, beatrice has taken a shine to a green pair of mittens. she and des had a little tussle when i inadvertently put said pair on des' hands. things will get easier when the novelty wears off the new duds. these come at a good time as we are in that period of the year when we're losing mittens at a good one a week clip. thanks uncle mike!


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Cute kids


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