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some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin, i mean grind.


hi, my name is corine and i am a peek-a-holic

around christmas time, dah thinks it's funny to leave small unwrapped packages lying around the house, stuff my stocking early with unwrapped items, have internet shopping delivery notices sent to my email, etc., he knows i will peek. the only difference between now and past christmases, is that with the kids around, i have less time to investigate. it's easier to surprise me these days. i take it back; i've always been surprised, it just happened sooner than christmas is all.

anyway, my maman sent some packages for christmas and among them was this yarn. as soon as it arrived, i peeled back an untaped corner. rather like the song snippet contests on the radio, i could identify it in half an inch or less. i only needed to wait until christmas to see if i was right. sure enough, it's berroco air. four skeins of it.

at first, i thought i would make these (gertie), or the hermione hat and mittens. but a phone call with mom reveals that she bought all the remaining skeins in the shop knowing that there would be enough there for a sweater for aidan. though i am reticent to start yet another sweater, there are three on the needles currently, i have to at least explore her intentions. perhaps she had something like this in mind.


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