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on the third day of christmas...

i gave to my true love, an orange and black, bold striped stocking hat, trimmed with a pompom. revealed is the partial text of the intarsia included inside the brim. the full text is for me and dah to know, and you... well... never to find out.

yes indeed, it is a huge hat. not surprising to those of us who know him, it's only a tad large for dah's head. he says it's the first hat he's ever had that wasn't too small, and seems well satisfied with it. i think with it's first real machine wash cycle it will be just about right. yes, you read that right. a cashmere blend that is warm water, machine washable. a large part of the reason i chose this yarn, along with it's undeniable softness that has been confirmed by all who have had a try on, or a pet, or a feel; and you can't not do those things in this yarn's vicinity, it's that soft.

nancy lindberg's hats that fit pattern with the hemmed cuff and stocking top options.
knit on us 7s circular and dpns (denise and lion brand respectively)
in rowan cashsoft.

the pompom kicks ass. i made it one third orange and two thirds black to continue the color pattern to the tip of the hat. i make the most awesome pom poms as my maman showed me how when i was a little kid and she is demanding of us all. we excel at a lot of things like pom pom making; thanks mom. if you would like a little refresher on pom poms, bonne marie recently posted about the process, hers is nearly as good as mine ;)

and now to compensate for all my bragging, i'm donning my evil eye protection charm. any of you who are so envious of my pom pom production skills that you would curse me with bad luck, will be thwarted.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Claire said...

It's GORGEOUS, hon - Excellent job!! Next we need the pic of Himself wearing the hat. :-)

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Bonne Marie said...

What a beautiful Hat! I love the initials on the inner band...

BTW - I am so envious of your PomPom! It is FABULOUS and exactly like it Should Look unlike the goofBallPom I made!

At 5:47 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Ooh the hat came out fun!
I have memories of making pompoms as a kid too, only my memories involved pompoms that never looked quite right. My mother's pompom skills were like her cooking skills at the time, at least I overcame the cooking part. Maybe one day I will be as good a pompom maker as a cook. ;)

Hope to see you soon!


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