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more goodies from woolybuns

chris had a fun contest, well documented by karen, for us at the last snb. we were to come up with a name for a variegated colorway in the pinks and oranges. i happened to win with the name raspberry creamsicle. i felt a little guilty as it so often seems that i am the one on the receiving end of woolybuns' generosity streak. that passed though, once the participation prize was revealed. each one of us got to choose a skein from the same pile of merino. the difference was that i had first pick. good thing too, since what i picked was one of a kind. i thought about trading it for a luscious pink, but it looked like some of the ladies might come to fisticuffs over it, if it returned to the pot. so, in the interest of keeping harmony within newington snb, i valiantly held on to my first choice... what i won't do in the better interests of my knitting buddies ;)

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the yarn is a lovely merino processed from sheep raised by chris' mother in the past? for details you need to visit her blog, i'm not sure i remember the backstory accurately.

with this lovely treat came a challenge. we are to knit something up with our booty in the next month. i think my plan is to pair the merino up with the yarn pictured next to it, some classic elite montera, an alpaca yarn. together they should make a pretty summertime button hole bag. don't you think?


At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, my hero! What else can you say when someone is willing to make that sacrifice for the good of the group! :)


At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Cori said...

Okay, now I'm REALLY ticked at Hubs for me missing last week's meeting!!! ;-)

I'm commenting, Corine, I'm COMMENTING!!!!!! :-)

It was very good seeing you last night, especially seeing you cook on those cables - now I might actually give it a try!!!!!

GOOD LUCK ON THE YOU-KNOW-WHAT again - I really think you'll rock....think I can hire you as a private Instructor for my 4 yr old? I'd love her to speak another language, to be honest!

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Karen said...

well I am off the hook with the carrots me thinks! ha!

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Happy Happy Birthday Corine! I hope your day was wonderful!


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