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stands for r u through?

no! i'm still in the stockinette circle of hell. the socks -after number 2 cuff, i still haven't arrived at a cuff i like, so i'll be futzing around with those some more. the hoodie is so close. i just need to check size with a try on for the hood, edge same hood, and seam it up.

budget constraints have me thinking creatively about my little stash. after seeing some quite lovely figure 8 tanks, i've decided to scrap the cindy project and use the rowan cork for the tank instead. i'll be perusing the rowan babies book to decide on a suitable project for the paintbox merino instead of knitting tigger. i think it's a little too fat for cindy, but there may be a similar pattern in there at a larger gauge. that brings the project count for bea in at a more reasonable 3, including the hoodie and miss dashwood.

miss dashwood is going to come out of the rose colored merino socks i started. the ones that were an argyle texture. i guess i really am a process person as it is nothing for me to rip those socks after hours of expirementing now that i've exhausted my curiosity about that pattern. the wool is too nice for socks more bulky than i will appreciate. no, not true; the process comment is misplaced. i really feel that the knitting rut is due in large part to the current fo drought. why can't i finish anything these days; ack!

in the true spirit of a rut, i leave you with no pics and no links, i've linked to everything i've mentioned previously anyway... for the good it did me.


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