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splish swatch

i've been swatching with my recycled sweater yarn. while the stitch is super neat and the guage is right on, the result is not terribly lacy and since that is the whole point of the cowl and cami pattern, i need to find a better match. of course, all of this caused me to fall in love with the cowl and cami pattern and i must add the mohair/silk yarn to my shopping list. kidsilk haze or douceur et soie seem to be the yarns of choice for this project.

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the search continues for a good recycled yarn pattern. perhaps this one from interweave knits, winter 2004.


At 3:39 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Other great subs for KSH can be Filatura di Crosa Baby Kid Mohair or Madil Kid Seta, which may be cheaper. That said, I actually ordered the real stuff for Butterfly, but that's because I can get away with only 2 skeins for the vest according to the pattern, and I've never used ANY Rowan yarn.


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