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saturday morning was spent at the knitter's breakfast in cromwell. it was fun enough. there were a lot of people. the checkout lines stayed lengthy for a very long time. i didn't leave an event that was supposed to wrap at 10 until noon. every time i headed out, i decided i'd rather browse some more than stand in line. kc was of the same mind so we bumped into each other frequently.

you would think that all of the time spent among the isles would make my shopping basket overflow with goods but i was very restrained. i chose very specific items for very specific projects. a little accent yarn for tigger and some aran for miss dashwood. also, some fabric to make a bucket inspired by split yarn. while the browsing did not cause my basket to burst, it did afford me the opportunity to change my mind on said choices several times over. by the time i left i had no idea what i had settled on. and even what i did settle on ended up being edited at the register.

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karen joked with the man behind her that the person in front of her always held up the line. and wouldn't you know it, the register gal asked me in the form of a statement "you didn't have them measure this fabric, did you." i got it off the remnant table, i figured they priced the remnant, no i did not have it measured. so, i cut the fabric loose. i decided since i had cycled through so many picks already, i might as well come back another time to change my mind some more...

that didn't keep me from getting real busy when i got home...


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